FTWS Tactical "For Those Who Served" is the official Social Club/ Military Simulation (Airsoft / Paintball) Team of comprised of U.S. Military Active Duty, Disabled Veterans, Veterans, First Responders and Civilian Supporters. 

Our goal is Morale, Welfare and Recreation while raising awareness to the needs of those who have given or continue to give to our country. "All Gave Some, Some Gave All"

James "Big Dino" DiNardo- Team Founder BIO
Service Connected Disabled Veteran
U.S. Navy 1990-1996
Operation Southern Watch
Operation Restore Hope

Dan "Thunderfuzz" DiNardo- Plank Owner (original member)
Prior Law Enforcement
Police Officer/ Deputy Sheriff

Paul "Nightmare" Grabowski-Plank Owner (original member)
United States Marine Corps 

"Cypher" *name withheld for security reasons- Plank Owner (original member)
Active Duty

Steve "Trac” Goldschmidt-Plank Owner (original member) 

Service Connected Disabled Veteran

United States Marine Corps 




We are always actively interviewing / recruiting. Please reach out by sending an email to for an intro package. 


Active Sponsors

Patriot USA LLC


We are currently seeking select tactical, airsoft and paintball equipment manufacturers, retailers, and event venues to assist in generating funds to offset the costs of furthering our mission.  

Donations will be used to outfit existing members with the gear they need to participate and any excess will be sold at retail to generate additional funds needed at the website 

Equipment donation and venue sponsors enjoy the benefits of good karma, and additional exposure. Equipment donated is highly visible on the field, donating company logo is highlighted in the coveted “team sponsors” section with backlinks to sponsor’s page on the front-page of our site. 

 Rank of logo on our page is generated by retail value of the donation. 

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James DiNardo

James Dinardo, "BIG DINO" is founder of FTWServed.ORG and FTWS Tactical and a Service Connected Disabled U.S. Military Veteran as certified by the V.A.

Originally, from Pennsylvania, James is a U.S. Navy Veteran who proudly served from 1990 through 1996 in the Western Pacific with the Helicopter Squadron HS6 “The World Famous Indians”. The Indians are a combat search and rescue and anti submarine warfare squadron based in Coronado, CA. During his service, James was carrier deployed multiple times in support of Operation Southern Watch (Persian Gulf) and Operation Restore Hope (Somalia) on board the USS Abraham Lincoln. During this time he received multiple commendations including the Navy Achievement MedalThe Liberation of Kuwait MedalBattle Efficiency, and held a Secret Security Clearance. He was honorably discharged in October, 1996.

After serving, James launched several businesses, began to raise a family and took interest in the sport of scenario paintball. In 2005 he founded the team Tri-State Special Operations Command (T.S.S.O.C.) and began recruiting players from many backgrounds. This gave him another avenue to continue his leadership after military service while building paintball and tactical teams. During his tenure he was featured in countless magazines, was selected to lead a group of Pennsylvania teams as "The Pennsylvania Major" in the first Scenario Paintball League in the country the North American Scenario Paintball League or NASPBL. "We competed against other states in the region". During this time he was interviewed and filmed by Getty Images and was honored to receive many awards (team and personal) including MVP's for leading games that broke world records. "We had a blast and made some awesome friendships. It was a lot of fun!"

 By 2010 his team had grown to over 30 players, was producing events and routinely traveling cross country to participate in games across 7 time zones. It became apparent that James could no longer commit the huge amount of time and energy to the team he had created. It had taken on "a life of it's own". In 2011 he stepped down from the team to focus on business and spend time with family.

2012 through 2017 James continued to play but not in an organized team and maintained many of the relationships developed in the sport from years past. 

In 2018, another former team member and veteran reached out to suggest we both begin playing both air-soft and paintball again. It became obvious in the conversation that we were both missing something. 

22 veterans a day commit suicide. Veterans and first responders could use the opportunity of game play to have others to talk to, have fun and let off some steam. We could support other Veterans and more and have a blast doing it. 

in 2018 we founded FTWServed.ORG and FTWS Tactical 

FTWServed.ORG For those who served would have a continued mission to serve "those who served" by providing morale welfare and recreation. We would start with air-soft and paintball and eventually expand into many activities for veterans (hopefully funded by public and corporate support.) 

"Camaraderie and sense of belonging translate well to to the sports of Air-Soft and Paintball and that veterans and first responders (especially those who suffer with PTSD) get relief when participating. Outings create the opportunity to communicate with other veterans who can relate to their experiences, and feel a renewed sense of belonging."

While managing FTWServed and the Tactical Team James has continued as a top management professional and leader for over two decades in business and the community. As a C suite level executive James has launched and lead a half a dozen companies. His current portfolio also includes:

A national facilities maintenance and management company

Patriot is the founding sponsor of FTWSERVED.ORG and FTWS Tactical

A technology venture for children’s education, enrichment and growth.


Business consulting services since 2005 including free services for veterans. 

James is a father of 4 and an avid outdoor sportsman who enjoys a close connection with nature and spending time with family when not working. He is also a commercial artist by trade enjoys painting, sculpting and working in multimedia and film production in his free time. His education includes a wide variety of military training and advanced study and certification in advanced aviation electronics and avionics. 

Daniel DiNardo